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Images - Data Loggers and Data Recorders- GP2 Advanced Data Logger and Controller
Description: The GP2 is a powerful 12 channel data logger that is easy to use, versatile, rugged and reliable. It can log most sensor types and accepts voltage, resistance, current, potentiometer, bridge, counter, frequency, and digital state inputs. DeltaLINK software helps the user set up logging sequences and provides control over reading frequency, sensor type, thresholds, units and much more. All Delta-T sensors can be selected from a menu.
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Dynamax Inc
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General Information

The GP2 is the ideal data logger for field work, with applications ranging from agronomy, meteorology and hydrology to eco-physiology and soil science. We can supply complete systems including sensors, enclosures, solar power and communications options.

Product Description
  • Powerful and rugged field data logger
  • 12 differential (or 24 single ended) channels
  • Ideal for demanding research applications
  • Powerful and diverse control capabilities
  • Unique Simulator feature

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